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Have You Turned Down A Job Offer?

My hope for every one in job search is that you have the privilege to turn down an offer because it isn’t the best fit for you.  There is no greater feeling!  Being offered a job builds up your self-esteem.

However, there are times when turning down an offer just doesn’t seem prudent, such as you’ve been out of work a long time (over 6-9 months) and/or you are dipping into your savings/401K/retirement.  Here are some reasons I have heard people use for turning down an offer (and my blood just boils when I hear these):

  1. The company is too small (but may have strong growth potential)
  2. I can’t afford to take that low of a salary (but it IS greater than minimum wage)
  3. The commute distance/time is too long (but other alternatives have not been explored such as telecommunting or carpooling)
  4. The job is a lower level than I wanted (however, you are new to the industry)

There are so many extenuating circumstances, it is difficult to just look at one part of these situations.  Before you turn down ANY job, think long and hard about the short term and long term value this job will offer to you.  Get outside opinions.

Have you turned down a job offer?  Was it the right decision for you at the time?  Do you regret it?

And if you have been getting interviews, but not job offers, then perhaps you need to assess what is going on during the interview.

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  • Mark Anthony Dyson May 25, 2011, 12:23 pm

    Job seekers who have succumbed to #1 & #2 usually consider the length but not the width of choices. To accept a position doesn’t commit you for life, nor does it mean you cannot aspire to something greater. Lower visibility positions really help you realize the value of what you do best.