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Gearing Up for the Next Big Thing


You know what’s coming soon. January 1st. And it is time to start thinking about real New Year’s resolutions.

By real, I mean the things you will actually work at! The actions that you will take and complete!

Shorter Is Better

Instead of saying “this will be the year I will…” maybe it is better to say, “this month I will…

If you can make something a habit over the course of a month, it is more likely to stick. And, it makes it less ominous!

It Doesn’t Take 12 Months

Most of the changes, adaptations, goals, etc. you want to achieve don’t take 12 months!  Set immediate, concrete, dated deadlines!

Baby Steps Lead to BIG Changes

You can’t go run a marathon without building up your endurance. And it is too easy to lose sight of a gigantic end goal. Try making incremental changes. When applied over time, they have enormous impact!

What Are Your Action Items for 2014?

I’ve got some plans, hopes, dreams and steps I want to take for a better 2014. Do you? What will you do to start mapping them out before the calendar strikes 1?!


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