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Fix It Friday: Is Door-to-Door No More?

fix it friday

On Friday’s I share my answers to job seeker questions! If you have a question, submit it below!

I have heard this question posed twice this week and thought it would be a good one to address! Thank you to this reader for submitting your scenario!

Job Seeker Question

I have applied for two opportunities that I think I would be a fit for.  The job description and my strengths are very similar.  I have submitted my resume for their review and they have not responded (>two weeks).

I am considering “suitin’ up” and go in person to speak with a decision maker regarding my resume. I would hope to leave the impression that I am persistant and support that effort by positive actions and my offer of being some service.

What are your thoughts about this action?  Am I being too forward or pushy? Will I alienate myself from them by just showing up and introducing myself without an invitation? Am I way off base?

My response:

It isn’t uncommon for companies to ignore applications and emails. If you haven’t already done so, send an email to HR or whomever you sent your resume to and ask where they are in the process and if they received your resume.

It is also not uncommon for resumes to get lost in cyberspace, so it is absolutely worth checking to make sure they got it.

Another follow up strategy which you may have already considered is calling the company. If you don’t have the direct line for HR, call the main company number and get transferred.

Assuming you’ve done both of these things already or first, and gotten no response, then an in-person visit seems like the last option and one worth exploring. An unannounced visit has to be done with great tact. You need to be warm, sincere and polite. You may run into security issues (locked doors or closed parking lots), a rude receptionist (or no receptionist at all), or it could be a real win.

Your purpose in showing up is two-fold. To learn more about their company and environment (watch people and see what their facility looks like, how people who work there interact and how they treat you) and to see where they are in the hiring process and if they received your application. In that order!

It seems to me that “showing up unannounced” could potentially seen as desperate. So I would be interested to hear what you think… what is your opinion on this tactic? Comment, please!

Good luck and let me know what happens!

Here are some other folks who have written about this surprise on-site visit:

Why not ask “are you hiring?” by Julie Walraven of Design Resumes

Arouse Don’t Assault by Nance Rosen on Personal Branding Blog

Have you had success “showing up” at a company? Share in a comment!

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  • phyllismufson November 2, 2012, 9:34 am

    Hi Hannah,
    I got a job taking care of office plants (back in prehistory) by showing up and asking if there was someone I could speak with about the position. I think the effectiveness of this tactic goes down as companies get larger and titles get grander.
    For most jobs I think it would be more effective to find a contact at the company (check through LinkedIn) who can find out for you or to use a service like StartWire that can track the status of your application.

  • manashi12 November 17, 2012, 12:39 pm

    Your purpose in showing up is two-fold. To learn more about their company and environment (watch people and see what their facility looks like.