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Finding People to Follow on Twitter

For those of you who are new to Twitter, I made this quick video demonstrating some of the different resources you can use to follow people on Twitter.

Before you start this ongoing process, you will want to think about the answers to these questions:

  • Who are the industry movers and shakers I want to follow?
  • What is my reason for following each person? What can I learn from them?

I say this is an ongoing process because, very much like networking, you want to constantly expand the number of people you know. Plus, new and interesting people and companies are joining Twitter every day.

Finding People to Follow on Twitter

This video shows several ways to find people to follow:

  • Twitter’s “Who to Follow” recommendations is based on the types of people you’ve started to follow already.
  • LinkedIn Tweets application
  • WeFollow
  • Tweepi (I forgot to mention the site in the video, but it is the last option I show)

Other ways of finding people to follow:

  • They have written an article or book you enjoyed
  • They are included in #FF (Follow Friday) endorsement/recommendations of people whom you respect
  • Follow other people’s lists or see who they follow
  • They work for a target company

Add them to Your List

It makes sense in my mind to begin adding people to lists you create and curate from the very beginning.  You have the choice of making lists public or keeping them private so only you can see the list.  Categorizing or tagging people will allow you to filter your Twitter stream better.

Don’t miss this post:

How to Find Smart People to Follow on Twitter has some of my favorite folks.  Remember, my interests and yours are different.  I highly recommend you follow people in your industry, occupation and/or geographically preferred area.  As much as I would love for you to follow me, I would much rather see you develop relationships with people who have the authority to hire you!

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