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Everyone Loves A Parade

What does this have to do with career management…nothing, yet.

My town loves parades.  We have at least 3 a year: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and 9/11.  There are impromptu drive-by's too, when streams of cars drive down Main Street honking their horns and shouting out of windows.  The High School Boys Lacrosse team won the state championship yesterday.  That justified a parade.  This parade had firetrucks, police cars and cars packed with cheering kids and parents.  It was Americana at its finest.  The Main Street was lined with smiling and waving observers dressed in red, the school color.  

Being connected, being part of a community, is fulfilling.  I suppose being part of a company family can be fun too, but that, as we know, can be very limiting.  We might make a better choice by choosing our city or town due to the variety of people who are connected with the entity.

What will it take to be more involved in and with your community?  Yes it can be a commitment of time, money, or other resources.  But first it takes a commitment to make it happen.  Having an interest is important too.

How do you show your support?  You get to decide whether you want to give your time, money or other resources to the community.  You could also ask someone what kind of help they most need.

Diversifying your circle of friends and acquaintances will provide a wider network when you need it!

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