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Don’t Be Scared About Starting Your New Job

Happy HalloweenStarting a new job is scary, but never fear! Today’s Halloween post has ways you can ensure you start your job on the right foot! This is your chance to start fresh. Might I also remind you to give yourself permission to make mistakes! That’s how you learn! Dust off your work clothes and establish your plan! You’ll do great!

Pick your friends wisely.

Carefully select the co-workers you chose to affiliate with. Begin building trusting relationships, but always be very aware of the information you are sharing and the impression you are making.

Figure out who you want to be.

Starting a new job gives you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean of any baggage and past issues. Think about how you want to be perceived by your new manager, co-workers and support staff. What is the “brand” you want to bring into this new organization?

Be open to new ways of doing things.

Every organization has their own systems and processes. Take time to learn them and understand the logic behind why they do things the way they do. You may have an opportunity in the future to make suggestions for improvement, but don’t speak out too quickly, you don’t want to be seen as a know-it-all.

Keep a running list of accomplishments.

Document your successes and lessons learned. You most likely will need these for your performance review. At the very least, you will need them to add to your LinkedIn profile and resume as you continuously update them. Do you remember how hard it was to recall past accomplishments for your job search?

There are six more “to do” items for your checklist on my On Career post! I hope you’ll check it out.

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