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Career Development Carnival: June 2013


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Welcome to June’s Career Development Carnival! This is a collection of contributed posts from experts and professionals in the careers and job search space! We hope you’ll find one or more articles to help with your career or your search for a new one!

Lynn Dessert and I host the Career Development Carnival once a month. The next carnival will be on Lynn’s site, Elephants at Work! I hope you’ll join us over there! In the mean time, we hope you share, like and/comment on these articles. Maybe you’ll even find a new site to follow!

Tips for Better Networking

Networking: the Root of Your Career’s Life
By Melissa Cooley, The Job Quest

Just as a plant’s root system provides life-sustaining water, so networking brings life to your career. Here’s how.

We Take Care of Our Own
By Arthur Catalanello

With a little inspiration from “The Boss” – this blog post is about the value of groups for networking and job searching.

The Lost Art of Communicating
By Beth Sears, Workplace Communications on HerRochester

Technology has impacted how we communicate in a manner which has lost the interpersonal connection that people desire. People desire acknowledgment and much of the connection is lost when people constantly focus on cell phones and other means of technology to communicate.


8 Ways to Boost Likeability at Work. Who’s Clicking on Your Button?
By Dawn Lennon, Business Fitness

It’s important to bring your best self to work every day, consistently and predictably. Being liked is about how you connect with others around you. There’s no reason to make it complicated. Instead zero in on the eight behavior groups and nurture the most likable you.

3 Things You Should Do When Starting a New Career
By Nick Jarrett, A Young Pro

Are you thinking about starting a new career? Do these 3 simple things to start your new career out on the right foot.

(More) Tools for Managing Your Career, Are You Tired Yet?
By Deborah Mourey, Hell In The Hallway

Are you familiar with Splinter.me? Talentbin? Slip.com or Path.to? These are all new tools for career management. Yeah, I know… I’m a little tired too.

Whistle while you work – singing to make work work
By Vickie Elmer, Working Kind

Some days require a little extra motivation or encouragement. And that’s when you sing, in the car on the way to the office or on your break.

What’s in your garbage can? How to make better decisions regarding your time and effort
By Dan Ryan, Search For Authentic Leadership

You can learn a lot about how someone gets things done by looking in their garbage can. Three simple steps can make a difference between efficient and ineffective usage of your time in your work.

9 Ways to Get Your Cover Letter Read
By Kristin S. Johnson

As was true with Mark Twain, the rumors of the demise of the cover letter have been greatly exaggerated. It’s true that many employers discard the cover letter and go straight to the resume, but it’s also true that many don’t. Read on for seven ways to increase that possibility.

Job Search Tips

How To Use Zen In Your Job Search
By Barb Poole, Hire Imaging

Try using a few Zen approaches to the job search to enhance that piece of your life journey.

Talk to Strangers to Improve Your Job Search
By Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumes

If your life is stagnant or if your job search is stalled, you might be suffering from a lack of ‘new’ in your life.  And I think most people view new as strange. By inviting strange people and new activities into your life can help you see things from a different perspective.

How To Check the Company Out Before….
By Marc Miller, Career Pivot

Do you know how to check out a company before you interview or accept an offer?  You need to do your homework.

I joke this is like dating and marriage. You both have to like/love one another for it to be a match. Maybe this is why E-Harmony and Match.com are so successful.

Preparing for an Interview: An example
By Lynn Dessert, Elephants At Work

Interviewing is one of the most stressful parts of the job hunting process. One reader shares her story on how she successfully prepared for a recent interview.

Job Seekers: The Goal is to Get Multiple Job Offers
By Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender

There are lots of great companies out there. They have many terrific jobs with excellent benefits…why limit yourself?!

Executive Job Search: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

By Meg Guiseppi, Executive Career Brand

In today’s global economy, many new things impact the way executive job search works.

Career Exploration

The 3 questions not to ask first in a job search
By Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

Don’t let these three questions create a roadblock for you
1.) How much is the Money? (Salary)
2.) Do you pay for relocation?
3.) Do you pay for me to come to the interview?

Reputation Management

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Awesome?
By Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa.net

With a little work, you can take your LinkedIn profile from drab to fab!

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