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Career Development Carnival: August 2013

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Sometimes we could all use a little help with our career. Whether you have that itch to move on or are actively pursuing your next great gig, these 20 posts offer sound advice.

By the way, I loved compiling this collection of super posts for the Career Development Carnival. It was so much fun to see the creative ideas and great information shared by these talented bloggers! Every month, Lynn Dessert and I have the privilege of hosting the carnival and have gotten to meet some wonderful people! This month is no exception! I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did!

Job Search Resources

Executive Job Search: How Blogging Makes You Smarter by Meg Guiseppi on Executive Career Brand

Blogging not only raises your visibility, builds your credibility as an industry thought leader, and showcases your personal brand.

What questions to ask if your resume gets negative feedback by Julie Walraven on Design Resumes

Sometimes job seekers ask people in their friend circle and some of those people may be well qualified to review a resume. Other times they are not.

Q&A: Hide Employment Gap On Resume by Denise Felder on DeniseMpls: Encouraging Positive Life and Career Decisions

A job seeker wants to know how to address an employment gap on her resume and the best way to handles interviews.

5 Ways to be SMART in Your Interview by Kristin S. Johnson on Profession Direction

For many us, it’s hard to think of our strengths when we feel put on the spot. Especially in a job search! Before your next interview, prepare with SMART stories. This blog post will walk you through the process.

Change Jobs? It’s Like A Career Road Trip! by Corey Hancock on Skills To Achieve

I often talk about how to change jobs as a “career” road trip. Think about if for just a second, you plan your weekends, your holidays, your family and future but not your career.

LinkedIn Search Algorithm Favors the Employed by Donna Svei on Avid Careerist

If you’re unemployed, adding a current position to your LinkedIn profile can give you a boost in LinkedIn search results.

Get paddling now if your temporary or summer job is about to end by Vicki Elmer on Working Kind

Many jobs and internships end in August, and leave people wondering where their next paycheck will come from. Talk to your boss about an extension – or a referral to another department or manager – and other tips for transitioning quickly to new gigs.

Two tracks hard-working people with disabilities obtain federal jobs by Debra Ann Matthews on Job Winning Resumes

People with variable types of disabilities make up about 7% of the work force according to Taylor and Ruck in the America’s Guide to Federal Jobs. The great news is that approximately 145,000 people who signify that they possess a disability have been hired by the federal government. If you fall into the category of having a disability, we affirm that your job prospects with the federal government, looks bright !

Networking Tips

Guest Post – The Power of Connection by Heidi Ash Discover Your Direction by Morgan O’Donnell

This post looks at the importance of creating and maintaining connections for career transitions and more.

Career Management

Workplace Stress – What are the consequences? [Infographic] by Marc Miller on Career Pivot

What are the consequences for workplace stress for most baby boomers?

What brings this up is I have been having discussions with a variety of IBMer’s who were laid off, errr,…. uh,… subject of a Resource Action. Most had twenty five plus years with IBM.

The Pain of Being Singled Out at Work. | Ending Ridicule As Entertainment by Dawn Lennon on Business Fit

It is painful to be ridiculed. The price paid is a cut to your self-esteem. There is no place for it at work or anywhere else.

It’s become so easy to turn each of us into a picture or a video, exposing us to ridicule and violating our desire to work and play unimpeded. Let’s all commit to doing better.

Common “Career Potholes” and how to navigate through and around them by Dan Ryan on Search for Authentic Leadership

Potholes in the road can vary from a tiny bump to a major catastrophe that causes major damage. Career potholes can be much the same and each one of us needs to know what to expect when we encounter these “bumps in the road”.

I’m A Job Hopper Help! by Kristi Enigl on Coach Kristi

Do you have a lot of short-term jobs and need some great explanations? I give you three this month!

Good Questions Enhance Communication – How? by Meg Montford  on Career Chaos

Ask open-ended questions instead of those only requiring YES or NO responses to facilitate better communication.

Setting a Positive Intention in Job-Hunting by Lynn Dessert on Elephants at Work

The positive intention you set for yourself everyday will influence how others perceive you.

Job Search Success: Why Say NO! by Mark Dyson on  The Voice of Job Seekers

Yes and regrets. Even smart and savvy job seekers are caught up in making irrational decisions coerced by his or her desire to make a decision by some force of non-sense. When you don’t manage your finances, or get enough information to make an informed decision, you regret down the line that you said YES! 

Personal Branding

Should I Hire A Professional Resume Writer or Write the Resume Myself? by Lisa Rangel on Chameleon Resumes Blog

Are you wondering, “Should I hire a professional resume writer or write my resume myself?” Reading this article, you will not hear that everyone needs to hire a resume professional. I promise…read on…

Selling Ugly is Never Pretty by Deborah Mourey on Hell In the Hallway

The momma pig loves this baby even though to me, she’s ugly. For a hairy pig, she gorgeous. When selling ourselves, we need to focus on the results we can deliver and how closely that matches the ’employer’s/buyer’s’ needs.

Reputation Management

Social Media, the Golden Rule, Your Job Search (and Career) by Karen Silins on The A Plus Advisory Post

Managing an online reputation through social media for your job search and career.

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