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6 Steps to Managing Your Career

When I first started thinking about blogging, I consulted with several great mentors/advisers.  One wise mentor recommended a visual layout for my process of career advisement.  While I struggled to visually lay it out, I did identify the six steps.  Months ago, I tucked this process onto my “about” page, but I am digging it out now, because… it is an excellent reminder. (As you can see, I never completed visually laying it out either…)

Step 1:  Assessment

Step 2:  Research and information gathering

Step 3:  Presenting yourself

Step 4:  Project management

Step 5:  Interview strategies

Step 6:  Project update

6 steps to job search and career success

(You can click on the image to make it larger)

It is a good reminder that managing our careers is a process.  It isn’t a one time thing we do in panic mode when we are unemployed.

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