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Write A Kicking Bio With Ease

Your bio appears many places today. Having one you are proud of and that adequately represents you can be a challenge- but not insurmountable! You need to have a professional summary that speaks to who you are and what you’ve accomplished, so let’s get going!

writing your own bio is difficultOne of the things I struggle with is writing my own bio. It feels yucky, like I’m over-doing it. As I battled to update my bio this week, I enlisted the help of a valued colleague to help me refine it. She pointed out duplicate words and helped me pull something together which was better than I could have done on my own. The moral of the story is to ask for help!

Have you noticed that bios are becoming less formal? When I read a bio in which someone talks about themselves in the third person, it turns me off because it sounds pompous, arrogant and impersonal. For example, Sarah is known for her talent in… or worse, Mr. Jones possesses 30 years of experience…
Is this type of bio passe? What do you think?

In this week’s On Careers post, I walk through the important things to consider before you start writing your bio and how to give it the right feel to match your style and industry. Check it out here.

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Here are the five sections of advice and tips I provide. I hope you’ll go take a look!

  • Consider Your Audience
  • Look to others for Inspiration
  • Pull Out The Best Information
  • The Long and Short Versions
  • Taking Your Bio One Step Further

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