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Where Can You Find Help for Your Job Search

OMG! Help is everywhere!

There are many quality resources for job search help online.  I guess the trick is knowing where to start.  help image

Twitter is a Constant Stream of Information

The best and the brightest career professionals contribute via Twitter.  If you are looking for current information, get on Twitter and create a “job search help” list so you can easily track the information being shared. Or you can follow lists already created by some of the gurus (because they ought to know, right?)

The Rocket List curated by Chris Perry    Following 198

  • The Rocket List by Career Rocketeer features the industry’s top career search and personal branding experts.

Top Job Bloggers curated by Jacob Share   Following 122

  • The job search & career success experts with the most popular blogs
Career JobSearch Wisdom curated by Susan Whitcomb   Following 288
  • Career and jobsearch wisdom, resources, expert advice
Career Coaches/Job Search curated by Jennifer McClure   Following 103
  • Career Coaches and suggestions to follow for those in Job Search/Career Transition
If you are looking for more lists of  job search lists, you can see all 68 of them on Listorious.  You can also search for other lists of Twitter topics to follow here as well!

Don’t forget Twitter Chats!


Friday at Noon is my favorite!  #HFChat started by @HRMargo and facilitated by @CyndyTrivella, @TomBolt and @LevyRecruits.  Learn more about it here!


Monday nights at 10pm  you’ll find #JobHuntChat, another power packed chat  hosted by @Cornonthejob and @Blogging4jobs.  You can learn more about it here.


I love reading books!  Here are some recommendations from some of the career experts.
Karen Siwak of Resume Confidential recommends several books in her recent post “Fresh Start- Books Worth Looking at for Your Search”
Rita Carey of RCM Associates references her recommending reading on her Resources page.

Blog Rolls

Over to the right is my blog roll.  Don’t stop there.  Each time you visit a site you like, see who they have listed on their blog roll. (In case you don’t get there, here is my blog roll)

Other sites that host great information to read:

Hope this helps!

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