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Think Like a Free Agent

The instability of our current world requires me to rethink the conventional.  How about you?

The fluctuation in the stock market, the steady downsizing of businesses, the hesitancy of businesses to add new employees.  Where is this all going to end up?  Darned if I know.  What I do know is that if  you continue to think like you used to about a long-term career, getting a job with a large employer for stability, a single income stream- you might be disappointed.  The Way We Work is Changing has a great video on how things are already changing!

streamsSo my main message is to get to work today thinking like a free agent.  View each job as a “gig”.  Gigs come and go. The trick is to have a steady line of gigs lined up. (Easier said than done, but if you are using your passion to guide you it is a lot easier!)

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’ve written about this topic.  If you haven’t read these posts…go have a look!

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Now that you are thinking like a free agent and understand the necessity of having multiple income streams, start building your portfolio today…right NOW.

Some ideas?

If you are unemployed, take a temp or contract job.  Do anything to re-engage in the working world.

Think about what skills you have that could be sold as a niche service.  For example, are you a whiz at product branding? Can you find startups that need help only with their product branding?

Perhaps you love fishing (or insert your hobby here).  Could you offer fishing lessons, start up a fishing website, offer fishing expeditions? (Part time of course!)

There are sites that list gigs as well. Mashable recommends these 5 valuable online communities for freelancers.






LinkedIn Profinder




Fivrr allows you to post services (legal ones) that you would offer for $5

Go surfing and see what you can find!  Are there other freelancing sites you would recommend?


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