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The Year for Relationship Building

I would like to proclaim 2013 the year for Relationship Building!

shaking handsWhy? It is the single most important part of your career and life. Relationships have the power to open doors, present opportunities and enrich your life, like no other activity.

Chances are, you’ve been cooped up in your current role in your company without a lot of interaction with other people. It happens. But your career success is dependent on the relationships you have with others. Remember, people hire and do business with people they like and/or know.

Relationships Take Time

Start By Identifying  “Must Meet” People

Be Strategic and Purposeful

Change Your Mission

For more insight on making these things happen in 2013, please see my post on US News & World Report’s On Careers.

Featured US News On Careers blogger

Make 2013 the year you ‘build it before you need it’ by reaching out and establishing relationships with people inside and outside your organization. And if you haven’t read Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone,” this might be the time!

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