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Taming the Know-It-All: A Workshop to help you manage four generations at work

Taming the Know-it-AllA workshop to help you manage four generations at work.

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What Baby Boomers say

“These 20-somethings are self centered and phone obsessed.”

What 20-Somethings say

“These baby boomers are so bossy and afraid of technology.”

Workshop Take Aways:

For the first time in history, we have four generations working together. Whether you’re 50 or 20, you may feel that the “other” generation acts like a “know-it-all”. Gen Y are “phone obsessed” and “entitled”. Boomers are considered “rigid” and “afraid of technology”. In this session, we explore stereotypes and give people of all ages tools for learning to be more effective at work.

  1. Clear understanding of the reasons for inter-generational conflict
  2. Self-assessment tools that provide clarity
  3. Toolkit for creating ongoing solutions based on the needs of your organization
  4. Immediate impact next steps and resource guide



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Deborah and Hannah are passionate about helping clients create thriving work environments. We combine our expertise in marketing, social media, employee engagement and digital environments into a powerful and entertaining workshop that helps maximize your organization’s productivity and customer relations (oh yeah, and revenue!)

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