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Job Search Help Just For College Grads

This is the time of year when thousands of colleges release fresh graduates into the world. Sadly, many will not be able to find a job. There is help for unemployed college grads. Image credit Bentley University But it takes hard work, a plan and a reality check. Here are some resources providing actionable help. HubSpot's [...]

6 Things Every New Job Seeker Needs To Know

With the U.S. creating more jobs than it has in recent years, now might seem like a good time to start searching for a new job. If you haven’t had the 'pleasure' of looking for a new job in awhile, you will need to brush up on some skills and gain insight from job seekers who fought [...]

Gaining visibility for your business is probably one of the most important yet challenging issues business owners face. You probably don't have unlimited time or financial resources to pump into marketing your business. Ultimately, your goal as a new business owner is to increase visibility. What we know is that the best marketing isn't really marketing. It [...]

Best Job Search Websites 2015

These carefully selected resources, I believe to be the 40 best job search websites to provide job seekers with information to land a job faster. So often people say to me, "I need to write a cover letter" or "what questions should I be prepared to answer during an interview"...these websites provide you with these types [...]

40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015

Welcome to my list of 40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015! This is my third annual list of Twitter accounts for job seekers to follow! And these aren't bots, these are real, responsive people! Here is the list of 80 from 2014 and here is the list of 99 from 2013. I've scaled [...]

Summary Sunday: Keys to a Modern Job Search

What does it take to launch a contemporary job search? Get answers to the some of the most common questions: how to follow up without being annoying, how to avoid falling into the black hole and is how to make the most of LinkedIn. Sunday's I rally up the popular posts I've shared from the [...]