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Summary Sunday: Keys to a Modern Job Search

What does it take to launch a contemporary job search? Get answers to the some of the most common questions: how to follow up without being annoying, how to avoid falling into the black hole and is how to make the most of LinkedIn. Sunday's I rally up the popular posts I've shared from the [...]

80 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts 2014

I culled and mulled this list because I wanted it to be genuinely valuable to you and not a popularity contest. (Some of that will always exist, I suppose, given the nature of social media!) Creating this list, like last year, was difficult. There are so many people and resources I turn to for great content [...]

Summary Sunday: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Whether you're looking for new ideas for your career, job search or solving a problem at work, sometimes we all need an outside or fresh perspective. If you are an engineer and you only hang around other engineers from your company, chances are, you'll continue to think like an engineer. This is kind of limiting [...]

Career Development Carnival: June 2013

  Welcome to June's Career Development Carnival! This is a collection of contributed posts from experts and professionals in the careers and job search space! We hope you'll find one or more articles to help with your career or your search for a new one! Lynn Dessert and I host the Career Development Carnival once [...]

7 Ways Sex Education is Like Job Search

I wanted to have a little fun today and draw some parallels about how job search is like sex education! This is primarily addressing the role parents should/could/would play in educating their children on "how to." 1. No one likes talking about it No one likes talking about sex education and all its gory details, [...]

Fix It Friday: Networking Efforts Not Working

On Friday's I share my answers to job seeker questions! Do you have a question? Submit it below! I just wanted to get an opinion, because so far my efforts at networking are not working well. I started with a list of a few people I was already connected to and several former co-workers I [...]