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Summary Sunday: Try Harder, OK?

I love sharing great content- not mine, but the articles written by others! Each Sunday I share a selected few of the many articles I’ve read during the week. I hope there is something here that works for you!


4 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers from Recruiter.com by Shala Marks

1. Be Proactive

2. Be Outgoing

You have to go to the post to read it the whole thing…


10 Tips for Networking Rehabilitation from Social-Hire by Kim Monaghan
1. Ask lots of questions. Help guide the process by coming prepared with targeted questions that keep you both on track and on time.

2. Be a good listener. People love sharing their story and it’s a great way to learn from other’s experience and expertise.

3. Shoot for face-to-face. An in person meeting is more personal, expressive and demonstrates respect for another’s position.

4. Be your best. Show your strengths, but not in a domineering way. People enjoy connecting with others who are “going places” with purpose and pride.

5. Be at your best. Dress for success, be kind and gracious and treat the other person as if they have the authority to hire or promote. They just might.

Yes, go read the full article!


Is Job Search Luck or Hard Work? from Jobsite by Chris Havrilla

You think you know the answer, however, this post by Chris covers some very important issues you need to think about as well!

vault blogs

3 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Job Search from  The Vault by Kevin Grubb

All three tips are great and I especially like the third one.

To be seen as valuable, you must add value.

Go see them all!

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      careersherpa Gotta keep ’em guessing!

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