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Summary Sunday: Stress, Impress, Success!

On Sunday’s I round up the posts from the past week I read, enjoyed, and shared. The three-part theme here is: stress (or how to eliminate it), impress (what you can do to make the right impression) and success (ways to re-define your success). I hope you enjoy it! And by the way, if you are not on Twitter, you miss about 90% of the career and job search related information I share. You can see a summary of it all on my Twylah page.


Stress is a Choice from Intuit Quickbase by Eva Rykrsmith

You can not wave a magic wand, wish it away, or ignore stress.  You have to work at it by identifying the causes and proactively putting fixes in place. Don’t miss the link to an Inc. post 5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress. If you have been chronically sick or experiencing regular headaches, maybe it is stress causing these physical ailments. I suggest you chose NOT to be stressed!


Whoever Invented Resumes Ought To Be Shot by Dana Manciagli

Dana has been a hiring manager for over 30 years and during that time, she’s certainly seem some doozies. Here is some advice for you I think you will either need or want to read. In short, she says “Candidates, always put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and raise the quality bar.  Cut the Crap, Get a Job!  Best of luck!” Wise & True!

And if you are anti-resume, like me, then this post from Thought Catalog, “Here’s My Effing Resume“, should help you see what we could really be telling and selling! Our human-ness.

How To: Dazzle Recruiters with Your Social Media Profiles from The Undercover Recruiter

Jobvite found that 92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential when job hunting! I love INFOGRAPHICS and this post has one from Jobvite. Here are a couple of important takeaways:

  • Almost all (86%) recruiters will check your social media profiles
  • Best way to get hired is through referrals, 65% of companies pay for referral hires

In Digital We Trust 4 Questions To Keep Your Reputation In Check from Forbes by Meghan M. Biro

In this post, Meghan contends

“Very soon, your online reputation will be far more significant than your traditional credit rating or FICO score has been for getting jobs, apartments, the best interest rate on mortgages…”

And she concludes with this strong statement (which I agree with!)

“So, increasingly, the new career and future of work equation is: Reputation = Currency.  It is no longer an option to clarify and publicize your personal or corporate or workplace brand — it’s a necessity.”


4 Ways to Make Your Business (Or Career) Shine from Brazen Careerist by Nidhi Thapar

If the following four points don’t make you want to read this post then you aren’t ready to compete today (IMO)

  1.  Tell your story in a new way
  2. Create value in unexpected places
  3. Turn your slow days into your best asset
  4. Make a game out of failing

Have a great week and FOCUS!

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