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Summary Sunday: Search, Protect and Promote

Perception is Reality! A valuable life lesson I learned the hard way years ago. Just as your online presence says a lot about you, so does the observation of individual behaviors within a company. This post is a roundup of posts this week I thought would help you getter a better grip on this concept.

Organizational Culture Cues – 18 Questions You Can Ask When You’re New by The Brain Zooming Group

Written from the perspective of a consultant, most of these questions still work for job seekers going on a interview. Here’s a sampling of some questions:

  • What types of “manners” do employees show to “outsiders”? (And that’s not just to people outside the company; it could be people outside their department or work group but still inside the organization.)
  • Who talks first in multi-person meetings?
  • How do people treat each other? Is respect demonstrated among co-workers?
  • Is there a sense of emotional and interpersonal openness inside the organization? Are the physical surroundings more or less open than the people?
  • Do people demonstrate an understanding of the broader business or are they only given insight into their own little part of the operation? Do they have information they need from across the business?
  • Who appears to talk honestly – and who doesn’t?

8 Steps for Burying Digital Dirt from CAREEREALISM

We’ve all got it, whether we like it or not. There is information on the web we would rather not have other people see. Following these 8 steps will build the “right” digital terrain! And Career Rocketeer has a similar article with additional steps to follow to bury bad content and extenuate the positive Where Your Online Presence Really Comes From.

Tada! Twylah!

I know many of my readers may not be on Twitter, which is too bad because that’s where the bulk of great job search and career content is shared. I hope you save the link here: http://www.twylah.com/careersherpa

Hint, hint: Twylah creates an automated summary of things that you tweet (it automatically selects about 20 of your most popular tweeted topics.) It allows you to create your own ‘brand page,’ and is a great way for individuals to create one page summing up what they’re about. It gives potential followers an instant summary of the topics you tweet the most about, or in other words, your personal trending tweets.   Get the drift?!


And last but not least…a little horn tooting!

Yesterday, I spoke to the freshman class at RIT (that’s Rochester Institute of Technology) on building the right online presence NOW. In a rapid fire, Lightning Talk, I blew through 20 auto-advancing slides in 6 minutes (that’s 18 seconds a slide). Fun on so many fronts! A huge thank you to Ben Woelk for inviting me to participate in this event with the panel of 4 other digital defense experts! Here we are: (left to right)  Nick Francesco, me, Ben Woelk, Christopher Tarantino (MC and Co-Op student extraordinaire),  Dawn Meza Soufleris, and Jon Maurer.

 RIT Digital Defense Panel

And in case you are wondering what the panelists saw from the stage… this was our view of about 3,000 freshman!

RIT freshman audience

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