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Summary Sunday…No More Excuses

Anger, frustration, lack of knowledge, stupidity or just plain ignorance…these are the things that get in the way of a successful job search.  Don’t you owe it to yourself or the ones you love to get information that will move your job search forward?

Can’t We Do More For the Unemployed than Job Fairs?

I saw a piece on the news last week that made me scream.  Reporters in Atlanta, GA were covering a story about a job fair.  Hundreds of people were waiting outside in extreme temperatures waiting to get into the job fair. (Here is a writeup about the job fair)

Wait, it gets better.  A politician was interviewed and declared the event a great success and proudly proclaimed his intent to organize more of these across the county.

When job seekers were interviewed, they, less enthusiastically, shared that they were being told by employers there to apply online for any job openings. So, I am wondering.  Of those hundreds of heat-exhausted job seekers, how many were hired on the spot?  Or will ever get a job from this job fair. Were they going to this job fair with the thought they would be hired on the spot?  That just doesn’t happen.  I think job fairs can be valuable.

But if these job seekers understood how to identify and target employers, would they need to wait in line?  Wouldn’t they have been able to apply online and find contacts who work for that company to advocate for them or at least refer them? I know, I am sounding a bit naive.  I understand there are probably reasons why this is not realistic…but until we stop looking for handouts (in the form of jobs, unemployment or other government funded benefits) we are in big trouble.  I am advocating for personal accountability and life long learning.  Job search information is out there…all over the place as a matter of fact.  Why don’t people read it? Oh, maybe they are reading it, but they aren’t doing what it suggests.

Change Your Outlook

Absolutely Abby’s post this week Unemployed or Unemployable looks at the reality of why some people might still be out of work, plus she provides recommendations.  Here is one example of what she’s experienced while helping job seekers:

… I received an e-mail from an Administrative Assistant who had given up on searching for a job because “no one would consider her for employment”. She was 60 years old and had been unemployed for about 2 years. I took one look at her resume and cover letter and found grammatical errors galore. Being unemployed had nothing to do with why she was not being called for interviews.

“Are Easy Excuses Making Your Job Search Difficult?” is another great post on this from YouTern, a site dedicated to college-age job and intern seekers.  But don’t let the name fool you… the advice is universal to anyone looking for an opportunity.

Even Chris Brogan is writing about attitude.   Take Back Your Strings Brogan’s personalized style makes an amazing study.  His work is insightful both personally and professionally.  This post addresses his feelings about “disappointing” people.

And finally, to end on a positive note…you have to watch Guy Kawasaki! Marketer extraordinaire and author of multiple books.  His most recent being “Enchanted”.  Rita Carey referenced this video on her site, so thank you to Rita!


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  • Mark Babbitt August 28, 2011, 10:38 am

    Thank you for this important article, Hannah… the more job seekers learn about strategy, reality and eliminating obstacles, the more effective their job search will be. Thank you also for including our “Excuses” blog — we hope that piece helps reinforce your message.

    • Hannah Morgan August 29, 2011, 4:43 am

      Since stumbling on your site YouTern about a year ago, I am always so impressed with the advice and insight offered! Plus I love your contributions to #HireFriday!

      Knowledge is power. And my gut and experience tells me that most new job seekers are not as knowledgeable as they need to be. We’ve got to change this!

      Colleges and high schools really have to do a better job educating students earlier on what it will take to secure a job (strategies, realities and eliminating obstacles)!
      Every Unemployment Insurance recipient needs to be bombarded with up to date information on how to pro-actively seek employment. Not just how to find jobs posted on the job boards.

      Thanks Mark and a pleasure to share your site’s work!

  • Karla Porter August 28, 2011, 3:49 pm

    Great reminder to job seekers (active and passive) everywhere. We need to keep educating people to realize they own their reputations and they own their careers. People make their own opportunities by being prepared and on guard for opportunity. Our culture still to this day allows for the ‘God complex’ in regard to the holiness of physicians when in reality our health is in our hands not theirs. The same applies to choices we make in regard to our professional health.

    • Hannah Morgan August 29, 2011, 4:44 am


      You said it! Accountability is king/queen!

      Can’t wait for your future posts!