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Summary Sunday: New Stuff to Consider

This week I participated in Chris Brogan’s webinar on how to use Google Plus.  For those of you who don’t know who Chris is, please go to his site and see what he is all about.  ChrisBrogan.com.  I mention this because the world we live and work in is changing so fast and there are some things we all should be keeping up with, especially those of you who are serious about managing your careers and online personal reputation (not to mention being savvy job seekers!).

What is Google Plus?

If you want to learn more about Chris Brogan’s thoughts on Google Plus, you can read and listen to Margo Rose (@margorose) post:

Chris Brogan Speaks Out on Google+ and More! by Margo Rose on HR Margo Hire Friday Boot Camp

By the way, if you don’t know about #HFChat and the #HireFriday movement she’s created, read more about them. And if you don’t know what a Twitter Chat is or how to participate, you can watch Tom Bolt’s video!

Job Seekers: Who to Follow on Google Plus from On Careers by Heather Huhman

Well, I couldn’t help but mention this post.  Add these 12 people to your Job Help circles and pay special attention to number 8!  (me)!

Demographics of Google Plus Users

I love infographics! I picture paints a thousand words as the saying goes.  FlowTown has created this nifty visual for you to digest! Click on the image to see the entire image.

googleplus image

Telecommuting and Freelancing

These two types of work are frequently questioned by those who have been in their careers for a long time.  If you haven’t thought about adding freelancing to your career portfolio (and income portfolio) I highly encourage you to do so.

How Do I Find a Job That Will Let Me Telecommute? from LifeHacker (FYI, this site is worth adding to your regular reading!)

How to become a million dollar freelancer from GigaOm

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