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Summary Sunday: Advancing Advice

climbing the ladderAs you count down the days until 2013, this means it is time to set some new goals for the new year. I hope you’ll find something in this collection of posts shared this week that will inspire and motivate you to be the best you can possibly be!

Career Advancement

6 Work Habits to Break in the New Year

by Alex Levit on Intuit’s FastTrack

I’m not saying you are guilty of all of these, but perhaps some and as Alex puts it, they impact your reputation.

8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

by Jeff Haden on Inc.com

This is a more positive spin and some great examples of things successful people do to stand out!

How to Get Promoted: Advice from Real Bosses

by LearnVest on Huffington Post

This post has 11 pointers for the right way to get noticed by your boss!

Campaigning (ie. Job Search)

Branding Value vs Skills

by Phil Rosenberg on B2C

If you continue to focus on job titles, job descriptions and responsibilities when crafting your marketing materials and campaign, you’ll most likely get lost in a sea of job seekers. Focus on the value you provide!

4 J0b Skills Most Likely to Land You a Great Job

by Erika Anderson on Forbes

Besides the 4 skills in demand in today’s workforce, this post also contains the top 6 communication skills that will get you promoted! Go have a look!

Workforce Trends

Scrooged at Work

by Peter Weddle

This post starts with Peter Weddle saying “If you do your job, if you’re loyal and hard working, watch out. You’re about to be scrooged at work.” This alone, should be tempting enough for you to check it out!

DDI’s Study on Global Selection Forecast 2012

DDI has been in the forefront of smart hiring (and talent management) since the 1970s. They’ve trained thousands of people and companies on how to hire and promote the right people. In fact,  I first learned about behavioral based interviewing from people trained by DDI.

To better understand the challenges of hiring and these findings below, go check it out!

  • When selecting talent for leadership positions, hiring externally is more expensive and can backfire.
  • Only half of new hires are confident they made the right decision in accepting their job offer.
  • …many organizations do not thoroughly define what’s needed to be successful in the job, nor are they using the right mix or number of assessments to know more about candidates.

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