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Summary Sunday

treasure chestThis week’s diverse collection touches upon some of the topics that I feel are most important to managing your career.  Hope you enjoy!

The 101 Top Twitter Job Search and Career Experts from Job-Hunt.org

Not only is this post helpful in creating a list of great Twitter accounts to follow, there is a TON of great advice by super experts here!  If you have a job search question, check this site out first!

Looking for Work from Chris Brogan

There are thousands of problems that need solving.  If you can’t find what you used to do, create a new opportunity by solving one of those problems. Build and use your network to promote yourself!  These are just some of the points Chris makes.  No, not all of us are currently programmed to be entrepreneurs, however, could this be the way we might all have to think in the near future, if we aren’t already?!

The 20 Habits of Highly Effective Networkers- Part 1 from Tim’s Strategy

This is filled with helpful reminders or valuable rules of engagement, either way, it is a must read!

Finding Your Targets with LinkedIn from The Wise Job Search

I love Harry’s straight forward information.  He has laid out some great ways to expand your use of LinkedIn.  There is always so much to learn!

How to Ask for a Raise from the Resume Bear

This is written by Meryl Union (www.speakstrong.com) who includes “power phrases”!  That’s probably the most valuable part of this post.

Over 50 In the Job Hunt from Keppie Careers

Searching for a new job is different from than the last time those over 50 looked.  This post helps shift the mindset of how to look for work today.

Job Satisfaction vs. a Big Paycheck from the NYTimes

Huge point here!  Money doesn’t buy happiness!  Really!  It is our values that determine happiness.  Super post! (Thanks to my friend, John Boot, for sending this along!)

Have a great week!

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