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New Tools Help Job Seekers Do It Better

Job Search is a full time job and up until now, there have been few tools designed specifically to help the job seeker manage their job search well. I hope this quick overview of several new tools will inspire you to check them out, what have you got to lose, they don’t cost you a thing!

Organizing Your Job Search

JibberJobber.com by Jason Alba has been around for years, and yet many job seekers still don’t know about it or use it. Spreadsheets can be cumbersome and don’t send you reminders! If you are looking for an easy-to-understand and use tool to help schedule your followups to job applications, networking meetings and interviews, chances are you’ll be excited about FreshTransition.com.

FreshTransition Application screen

This simple interface allows you to add contact information for applications and networking meetings. You can even attach documents and add notes!

Once you have begun entering contacts, you can easily add meetings and interviews and link your schedule with Outlook.

Take a peek at this video to get a better overview of what FreshTransition is able to do.There are also User Videos that show you how to set job alerts, monitor your LinkedIn connections, and more!

Find Inside Connections

Don’t just apply for jobs and hope. Be smart and find connections within the companies you apply to. This becomes much easier for you when you use JackalopeJobs.com. I wrote about the product back in May and you can read why I think it is a good idea to try it out here.

Still In Beta, but Check It OUT!

Update: This solution is not available. Tim Tyrell-Smith, aka Tim’s Strategy has a job search tool in beta. Tim is a valued colleague and I can pretty much guarantee you that this will be worth trying out.

Tims Strategy Job Search Tool

Streamline Your Resume for ATS (and more!)

UPDATE: Preptel is no longer available. You may be interested in checking out Resunate.  Preptel’s Resumeter enables you to find jobs and then match your resume with the job posting and identifies missing key words so you can edit and add them for a better match. But the tool doesn’t stop there. It has an interviewing preparation component to help you ace the interview WHEN it is scheduled.

The key differentiation with this product is the resume editing suggestions and interview prep. But it does help you find jobs based on your uploaded resume or LinkedIn profile. They call it “Job Targeting”.

Preptel fit Job Targeting


If you are still here and reading, what you will realize is that there is overlap in these tools. I guess that comes with the territory. I want you to think about where you are most challenged with your job search and select the tool that best addresses the core of your trouble.

Please let me know if you’ve used any of these tools and what you think!

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  • Justin Lowell Bellew June 25, 2012, 10:32 am

    I love the *idea* of Resumeter. Based on my first 30 minutes using the tool, however, I am disappointed in the, “computational linguistics”. The following, for example, are listed as keywords: “apply broadly across”, “bring effective engaging”, “broadly across clients”, “Cambridge ma summary”, “close the straightforward”, “determine when client”…
    The tool also fails to recognize such basic information in my MS Word format resume as… my name, and tells me it’s missing.
    I understand that we’ve gotten to a place where automated tools read our resumes and ostensibly “help” HR folks and hiring managers screen candidates. If the hiring managers are using the same computational logistics algorithms as Resumeter, it is a small wonder job seekers and hiring firms alike have such difficulty matching talent with need.
    FWIW, perhaps all parties would be better served by distilling resumes and cover letters using free tools like wordle.net — at least this gives a predictable result that gives the gist of any given document based on prominence and frequency, rather than mysterious algorithms which seem not to be serving either party well.
    SO WHAT? :-)
    All parties involved might benefit from the development of a simple tool: the Pandora of jobs. Such a tool would enable job seekers to input firms they love and build “stations” that ‘learn’ their preferences and suggest firms they might like.
    For me, this would go something like this:
    [Build Sustainability Station] –> Add: Patagonia, Carbon Trust, Cleargreen Advisors, BluSkye, GOOD, WaterSmart Software, Google Sustainability…
    The tool would then suggest companies, based on matching/overlapping keywords from mission statements, 10-Ks, and other publicly available (/crawl-able) information to deliver me companies I would probably “like”. The simple thumbs-up / thumbs-down approach could be used to help the tool learn my preferences and hone in on stations that consistently delivered likely matches, which would also likely improve the signal-to-noise ratio for employers.
    Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg; there’s plenty more where that came from :-)
    I invite you check out my blog and get in touch — I’m the only Lowell-Bellew in the world. LMGTFY: http://goo.gl/hlTcA
    blogging at: http://guerillagreen.wagn.org/

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