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Motivation Monday: Reflect

mirror on your careerThinking about your past and what you’ve accomplished can often be difficult. It takes uninterrupted time. No matter where you are in your career, learn how to take credit where credit is due!

One Hour

Give yourself one hour today to reflect! Just one hour of quiet, uninterrupted time.But be sure you’ve got something to get you started, like performance appraisals, letters of recommendation, testimonials from customers, or this handy list of brainstorming questions.

Don’t stop before the hour is over. Fill sheets of paper with as much as you can. Don’t edit, just write. You can go back later and edit.

Schedule one hour

It isn’t unusual for you to have difficulty remembering all the great things you did. You were just doing your job, but the reality is, you probably did it better than most. This is why you need to schedule one hour with a colleague, co-worker, friend, manager, and someone else who knows you well. Yes, add this up and it is going to take five more hours to acquire the data and information you need!

Ask them the same questions from your brainstorming sheet or simply ask them what they remember most about working with you and/or what they think you are good at doing.

More Alone Time

Armed with this new information, look for patterns or re-occurring mentions of skills, traits, strengths, or problems you regularly solved. These are the unique qualities and stories you want to document on your resume and for your interviews. These are the elements you want to showcase in your personal branding statement or a modern day elevator pitch.

Just Do It

A common excuse I hear from job seekers and those interested in advancing their careers is that this is difficult. You need to do this tough self-reflection. It makes you a stronger candidate for any opportunity you apply for (internally or externally).

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  • EX_Idolater December 17, 2012, 4:26 pm

    @UNCGCareer a whole lot thanks to you guys! volunteering, internships & applying to grad school. also found a job using the website #thanks