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Motivation Monday: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Motivation Monday

Remember the old shampoo instructions: Lather, rinse, repeat. What happened to them? Did the manufacturers decide it wasn’t necessary to repeat or did consumer complaints leadd to these well-known instructions’ demise? And who decided that a cup of coffee needed a warning “Careful. Hot Liquid.” Duh, it’s coffee for crying out loud. Well, maybe common sense isn’t so common. And maybe job search isn’t intuitive!

Know What’s Worth Fixin’

brokenAlmost any HR professional or recruiter you talk to will admit that their work is not getting easier. Finding the right talent is a challenge and their processes and systems are not helping. It is time consuming to respond to every applicant. It is often not their expertise to remove or update the company website listing available jobs. And the online application is a carry-over from the one they used 20 years ago that asks for your social security number. They know better than to ask for that information online, but it used to be that getting that information up front made their lives easier. There are probably hundreds of other ways I could list that prove the process is broken, but all a company has to do is listen to their applicants, new hires and potential employees to know this. So instead of complaining, know that the process could be and should be improved and move forward, OK? There are some problems in this world we cannot solve, so instead of letting them eat away at us, make the choice to accept the facts and know what is worth changing.

Humility Can Be Dangerous To Your Career

warningLearn how to convincingly communicate your strengths and successes. You MUST read Communication Breakdown to see why this is so important. Employers aren’t looking for employees who are hard-working, dedicated and reliable. In fact, those are probably minimum job requirements. What employers really want are people who will make their lives easier and they do this by doing their job well. Have you outlined your successes on your resume? Can you talk about them during an interview? If you do not convey your strengths, for fear of being a braggart, then the next applicant will and guess what? They’ll get the job! You owe it to yourself today to begin compiling your accomplishment (STAR) stories. Learn how to recall your past accomplishments.

Zero In on Targets, Not Jobs

targetStop searching for posted jobs. Get in control of your search by seeking unadvertised jobs. How? By pro-actively researching and meeting with people who work at companies that could potentially hire you. If you are looking for ways to find these potential employers, you can read Proactive Job Search on Job-Hunt.org

This week, what conventional new wisdom will you challenge? Which will you embrace?

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