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Motivation Monday: Get Out of Your Zone

And a new week begins! It is easier to make excuses than to grab the bull by the horns and do something about it. But what will you do differently? How will you change your routine, especially if it isn’t working for you?


Motivation MondayIt takes courage to do something new or different and step outside your comfort zone.  But is it worth it? I guess you’ll never know unless you try!

When I am asked a job search question, I love giving the smart-alec  response, “well, what is hardest for you to do?” It really doesn’t matter what the question is…my recommendation is to ALWAYS take the hardest route.

  • Snail mail or email?
  • Follow-up or wait?
  • Online or in-person?

The next time you have a question about what to do…ask yourself “what would be the more difficult option for me?”

This week, starting today… what one or two things can you do that will push you outside of your comfort zone?

You know you should. What are you waiting for?

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