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Motivation Monday: Follow Your Plan

Motivation Monday

You won’t get there (where ever there is) without a plan!What’s your plan for today?

Be Purposeful!

your planIt is too easy to get side-tracked and lured by shining objects or tasks we know we can accomplish without a lot of effort.  Are those activities taking you closer to where you want to go? If not, don’t go there.



Be Levelheaded!

remain levelheadedDon’t over-commit or set goals you can not achieve. Chose to do those things that YOU can have an impact on.




Be Active!

actionSitting and contemplating your next move over and over again won’t get you there. Take action.




 Be Nice!

niceLeave your anger, frustration, disappointment or fears at the door! Being nice is way more fun than being a grouch!





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  • victoria86 September 11, 2012, 6:35 am

    These tips are very easy to say but not that easy to follow. The hardest for me is ‘Leave your anger, frustration, disappointment or fears’ but when I manage to do so, I do have a fab day! Thank you 🙂 http://fashion-allure.com