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Motivation Monday: Follow and Trust the Process

Yes, there is a process for job search and in order for you to achieve the desired results,  it requires you follow it and have trust that it will work.  Today’s post is a reminder and some tips on why the process works!

Motivation MondayI have seen a lot of new job seekers think they know what the process is and they think they are doing the right things, but…it isn’t until they’ve tried their method for weeks, sometimes months and not gotten far, that they begin to realize that what they’ve been doing isn’t working.

As a reminder, these steps need to be followed in this order.

6 Steps to Job Search SuccessDo the hard stuff first!

Would a company launch a new product without knowing who would buy it and why? This is exactly why you need to assess what you have to offer a potential employer. Doing this allows you to build the foundation you’ll need to launch your job search campaign and target the best opportunities for you.

Connect the dots!

When you are a perfect fit for something, explain how you meet the criteria. Use the right language and terminology! Be able to explain how your experience matches what the employer is looking for- in specific and measurable terms!

Networking Works! Give it time!

When you communicate what you are looking for and/or the type of help or information you are specifically looking for, you should see much more meaningful outcomes.  You need to give this time to work.  Sometimes it will feel like you are wasting your time. You will get information that does not seem helpful. You may receive leads that are not the right fit. You may be given contact names that don’t appear to be immediately beneficial.  Leave no stone unturned.

Building It Doesn’t Mean They Will Come

Posting your resume online and having a LinkedIn profile do NOT guarantee your phone will ring off the hook! How do you know the right people will see it? And if they do see it- how do you know they will take action and call you? That leaves a lot to chance.  Work it! Look for ways to demonstrate your talents by volunteering, participating on boards or in forums, or by speaking! Look for opportunities to get yourself in front of people who would need your skill set.

Play Nicely with Others

Don’t be a jerk! Respect other people’s time and advice- say THANK YOU! Keep your contacts in the loop by letting them know when you have secured a new job! Practicing advanced interpersonal skills will help you in the long run. Do not take this for granted. People will always remember how you made them feel.

Break a leg out there this week!

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