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Motivation Monday: Don’t Blame the Hammer

As the analogy goes, you have to use the right tool for the job. You can’t use a hammer to cut wood. Well, I guess you could, but that would make a terrible mess. Ultimately, the tool’s success is based on who is using it. You can’t blame the hammer for smashing the wood. As the operator, it is up to you to know which tools to use and how to use them appropriately!

So what is the right tool for job search?

swiss army knifeI’m going with the Swiss Army knife answer! This versatile tool can get you out of almost any jam, including job search, but you have to know which blade to use in the right circumstances.

The Big Blade

The workhorse of most Swiss Army knives is that big blade. It is clearly the weapon of choice for whittlers, fisherman, sailors, and anyone else needing to slice, dice or cut. But it won’t help if you need to tighten a loose screw. LinkedIn is the equivalent to the big blade. If you use it well, you should see results. However, you need to know when to use another blade instead. Not every networking contact is on LinkedIn (or as much as you are) and there are times when a phone call or email would be a wiser choice. Remember, you can’t blame the tool, it is the operator’s expertise that determines the outcome.

The Other Parts

There will be times you’ll need to use the other tools that come with your knife. Your job search needs other tools too. Recruiters, job boards, college career and alumni centers, and professional associations all serve a purpose. Learn how to use them well. And remember, don’t blame the tool if you aren’t getting the results you want. Evaluate how you used it!

What Does This Do?

There are some parts to a Swiss Army knife that seldom get used…because we don’t know what to use it for or how. You could read the instruction manual, ask anyone who owns one what they use it for, or contact Swiss Army. Or you could go with the “ignorance is bliss” answer. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity! Take some risks. Try new tools. Find new ways to use them. And remember, don’t blame the tool!

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  • razwanawahid March 26, 2013, 1:20 am

    This post made me smile, Hannah – I really like the analogy of the Swiss Army Knife. Don’t blame the tool !
    I’d say that when it comes to deciding which tool to use, it is a case of looking at the stage of career you are in, and then asking both those in the same boat, and someone more experienced. Ignorance can be bliss, but advice from someone who has been there is priceless !
    – Razwana

    • careersherpa March 26, 2013, 6:57 am

      @razwanawahid Thanks! Advice from others who have been down the road ahead of you IS PRICELESS! There are tons of online resources and help, but nothing replaces good old stories and adventures told by people and learned through the school of hard knocks!  Thanks so much for your comment!