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Motivation Monday: Create the Right Day

Monday can be a difficult day if you don’t like your job or you are in job search. There’s the dread of having to go someplace where you either don’t like the work you are doing and/or the people you work with. For job seekers, there’s the uneasiness of not having a routine and feeling like you are flying without a net. Let today be the day you take back control!

Motivation Monday

Your Emotions Drive Your Thinking

Can you take control? Maybe not of other people, but you can take control of how they make you feel! Are you angry at a lazy coworker? Are you pissed at your manager for not giving you a raise that was promised? Are you feeling like there are no opportunities for advancement? Are you generally mad that you aren’t getting responses when you apply for jobs? The next time you feel any of these things, ask yourself this…“What can I do to change this situation?” If you are happy being a cog in a wheel then stop reading right now.


When you ask yourself that question, is your first response “nothing?” That simply can’t be true. You always have choices. For example, you could chose to ignore your emotions. You could chose to start looking for a new job. You could chose to meet with the person and have a discussion about the changes you would like to propose. Basically, you could chose to do something differently. Disregard the things you have tried in the past. Start today with a fresh outlook. Maybe you did try to remedy the situation in the past and it didn’t work THEN. Try it a different way NOW!

Self Leadership

Self leadership means you are taking steps to continually develop yourself and others. You are equally focused on positive outcomes for both. It means that you know you are a work in progress and you continually seek opportunities to grow and improve. Self leadership also means that you value integrity and respect relationships with others. The people you know that are leaders (real leaders, not managers), are curious, kind, solution-seekers.


Start today off differently.

  • Listen to your favorite music. (Sounds simple, but try it!)
  • Take a 20 minute walk
  • Switch it up
  • Email an old friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  • Meditate
  • Slowly eat a healthy breakfast
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Do one act of random kindness
  • Watch Steve Jobs address Stanford University in his commencement address

What can you do differently to change the ripple of your day?

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