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Motivation Monday: Time

Motivation MondayJumping Jehosaphats…it is already the middle of August! I guess it must be time to buckle down and start planning for the next four months (which takes us to the end of December!) While I’m at it, I better start Christmas shopping too.  And what about next year’s summer vacation plans- I better firm those up too.  It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind  of planning, and quite honestly, I would prefer not to.

Structuring Your Time

I haven’t mentioned Steve Covey’s matrix in a long time, so here goes! If you haven’t read “The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, it certainly is worth it! There are so many valuable parts to his book, but the one I find most relevant is his time management quadrants.

s covey time management

So often, we manage our lives by what we think others want or what’s easy for us to do; not by what’s really important. Covey says that we need to spend more of our time in quadrants I and II.

Quadrant I and II work

Starting today, what will you do to move your job search activities into quadrant II?

  • Capability improvement (both job search process and your own personal improvement!)
  • Relationship building (goes without saying, right?)
  • Recognizing new opportunities (keep your eyes and ears open- and I’m not talking about job postings here)
  • Planning, recreating (target companies, marketing materials, a Plan B)

Are you ready? Go!

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