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Jobvite 2010 Survery Says…Join social networks!

The tide has turned.  Print ads and job boards are dying, at least according to employers surveyed this year by Jobvite.  The other highlight of this survey is that 71% of companies surveyed are hiring. Great news!

For a full breakdown of the survey results, this is the link to Jobvite’s 2010 Social Recruiting Survey.

This is what the Jobvite summary says:

  • 92% of those actively hiring in 2010 currently use or plan to recruit via social networks
  • Of this group, 86% use LinkedIn, 60% use Facebook and 50% use Twitter for recruiting
  • In addition, 50% of hiring companies plan to invest more in social recruiting while only 17% will spend more on job boards and 36% will spend less

The other monumental piece of information is that 83.4% of employers will look at candidate profiles, yet many times, candidates don’t provide this information…well, that’s easy for us to fix!  Add your LinkedIn URL to your email, your resume header, your business card and any other documents that might end up in the hands of an employer.

Who participated in the survey?  600 people participated in the survey.  These respondents were in the recruiting/hiring function and represent these company demographics:

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