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Motivation Monday: Inspiration

Believe in the Endless possibilities of a Blue Sky Day!

It is the start of another week. What will you do differently this week? What will inspire you to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone?

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If you know your direction. If you know what you really LOVE to do, there is little that will stop you.  Right? You just need a big dose of inspiration.

Over 4 years ago I shared my dream with a friend and talented graphic artist photographer, Patti Jacobs. Since then, she has been sending me photos of blue sky days.  My dream was and is to write a book entitled “Blue Sky Day”.  Today, we are so much closer to making that dream a reality.  It has taken time and effort, yet it has been something I gladly carve time out to do!  It is risky.  It is daring.  Heck, neither of us has either done a book before.  But every time I begin working on the project, I am filled with excitement and the fears slip away.  Who knows what will come of this book.  I do know that it has given me joy, driven me past my limiting fears and inspired me to continue to believe in myself and the goodness of others.

What can you do to feel inspired?

blue sky day photo, Patti Jacobs

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  • victoria86 September 11, 2012, 6:37 am

    Nice one, I should tell my boss to incorporate this technique. Mondays are especially difficult for workers in general 🙁 http://fashion-allure.com