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I Got Lucky

There are more and more people securing new jobs.  Last week, I heard from 4 people who got new jobs!  I love hearing their stories of how they found the job, how the interview went and how they negotiated their offers.

One happy job seeker said that she submitted her resume to a company and as luck would have it, the person reviewing resumes used to work with her many years ago.  This is just the kind of luck I like to call networking.  No, you can’t remember every person you ever worked with, however, you can used LinkedIn to find many of them.  You can also use LinkedIn to research the company to which you are submitting a resume.

By not using your network, you are leaving your search in the hands of luck.  By knowing someone in a company, especially someone with the authority to hire, you’ve just increased your success rate for getting an interview 80+%.  Use your contacts.

Has anyone else been able to land an interview because of a previous relationship with someone inside the hiring company? Please, share your experience.  Has it worked the opposite way- you didn’t get an interview because of who was doing the hiring?  Let us hear!

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