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How to Wow an Interviewer

It is going to take more than just showing up for the interview to get the job today. 

How many of you have heard about using a 30-60-90 Day Plan during the interview?  It isn't just for sales.  It can be by almost anyone.

The plan does just what is suggests.  It lays out your goals for the position in 30 day increments.  How would you create that?  It requires you do research.

When and how would I present it? Here is an interview with Peggy McGee, The Medical Sales Recruiter, which quite nicely outlines how she has recommended clients use it. 

There are more suggestions on when to use it in Employment Digest. Summarized here are the basics:

  • Use it during the interview to backup your answer to a question about how you see yourself in that position.
  • If an obvious question isn't asked, use it after you've been asked about your past/relevant experience.
  • If you don't quite have the exact skills, you could show your plan to outline how you would bridge the skills gap in the first 30 days.
  • No obvious lead-in, create the opportunity and just reference the plan.

Will it work for everyone, certainly not, no interviewing strategy will.  However, the preparation that goes into creating this document will, at the very least, force most of the pre-interview research that needs to happen anyway.

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  • Michele Heine October 6, 2009, 7:40 am

    I read this blog post shortly before I was scheduled for an interview. I felt I knew enough about the job going that I could take your advice and put together a 30-60-90 day plan. I had to interview with 3 different people and in each individual interview, the right moment came where I could answer the interviewer’s question by saying, “I’ve already thought about that and I’ve incorporated it into my 30-60-90 day plan. Let me show you…”. I think this made a good impression. I’ve recently found out I am in the top 3 candidates (out of 6) they interviewed.
    I just wanted to thank you for bringing this tool to my attention. It really made a difference for me.