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Good Reads for Career Resiliency

There is no shortage of great books out there. I always have at least one book going. What about you?


Right now, I’m in the early chapters of Reid Hoffman’s “The Start-up of You” and totally loving it! As Reid says in his book, we should be in “permanent beta!” What are you doing to exist in a state of permanent beta?

Read and Grow and Learn

Some of us are readers and others…well, not so much. For those of you who are looking for a reading list, here are just some of the books that have left an impression on me! (To see all the books, click here to go to Books Worth Reading on Pinterest!) And if you have read any of them, feel free to “like” them on Pinterest. This way we can see which are more popular.

Good reads on Pinterest

21st Century Skills to Groom

In case you are wondering what qualities and skills employers are seeking…here you go! And don’t dismiss this information. Employers report they cannot find candidates who demonstrate these skills- perhaps due to communication breakdown or perhaps job seekers need skill development. You be the judge!

What skills will you need to succeed in the future?


Infographic by Phoenix Forward

My post on today’s  US News & World Report’s On Careers matches up my favorite books with in-demand skills so you can how to develop new ways of thinking in order to stay in-demand in our highly volatile economy!

Featured US News On Careers blogger

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