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Finding Professional Development Ops- Part 2

Yesterday’s post talked about identifying skills gaps and the need to develop a training plan or road map of what development you are looking for.

Today’s post is just the beginning of where to go to find professional development opportunities.

The internet is truly full of wonderful information.  Libraries too!  Colleges/universities and many schools are offering adult education programs at low or no-cost.  Before you spend any money, ask for endorsements or recommendations and ask people you know about the program.  It is called due diligence!

Leadership, Etc:

Personal MBA

MIT/Sloane School of Management


Academic Earth


Khan Academy

Intelligent YouTube Channels from Open Culture


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

YouTube EDU

Professional Associations:

Try searching LinkedIn groups or googling industry associations.

Another Source of Professional Associations from Weddles

I have listed professional associations because many times they have free newsletters, offer webinars, and other opportunities to learn from others in your occupation.

There truly is so much out there it can be overwhelming.  That is why you will want to identify the type of development you are looking for before you start searching for “anything”.

Have a great weekend!

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