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A New Beginning

In my relatively small circle of connections, I know of a handful of people starting a new job today!  Congratulations to these happy and a bit anxious friends!

What I love most is hearing how they got their jobs- their persistence, their determination, and oh yeah, and their networking success!

My friend John landed a sweet job with an even sweeter company.  Just when you think companies are cruel and insensitive, you hear about one that is doing it right!  He interviewed out of town and the company put him up in their special training and retreat facility.  From what I heard, it sounded idyllic.  The interview process was lengthy, however, they treated him with respect throughout it.  Yes, he was offered the job and was able to negotiate relocation options.  This happy story also includes networking.  John is a friendly, easy to talk to guy.  He has always maintained contact with his past colleagues, two of which work in the higher levels of this company.  Both of these colleagues were instrumental in John’s getting the appropriate endorsement necessary to make him the most desired candidate.  So, yes, John does have to move eventually.  He is moving back near his extended family and in so many ways, this opportunity is bringing him back home…to a company that is warm and inviting, to a city he has family and friends in and to a job that sounds like it will be exciting and a perfect match for his skills.

Just like the Prince in Cinderalla tries to put the glass slipper on the right size foot, so are the job seeker and employer looking for the right match.  You just keep trying until you find it.

Good luck, it is out there!  You just have to find it!

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