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6 Steps to Managing Your Career and Job Search

Every day I hear about another friend or family member who has lost their job.  These are hard times.  Finding your next job, whether immediately or in the future, requires you take the necessary steps to job search success.

Today’s Job Search

Years ago, we started this process with tweaking our resumes.  That is not the best way to do this today. Start with the really, really difficult step of self assessment and market-place assessment.

I have to remind you that over 60% of people find their next job by networking.  That is why you need a plan.  Don’t just “spray and pray” and hope someone you knows hears of something-develop a strategy and a clear message.

A clear message can only happen after you have assessed and researched the job market and prepared your marketing materials (pitch, LinkedIn profile, resume and marketing plan).

Your Activities Off-Line

Once you are in motion- networking, applying for jobs, meeting with recruiters and contacting employers directly (despite the fact that they are not hiring), you will need some project management tools.

Then, like any good manager, you need to assess what’s working and what needs fixing, it is called project update.

Steps to Job Search Success

Step 1:  Assessment

Step 2:  Research

Step 3:  Presenting Yourself

Step 4:  Project Management

Step 5:  Interviewing Strategies

Step 6:  Project update

6 Steps to Job Search Success If it were this easy to follow the steps, you wouldn’t need a sherpa to guide you through the process.  Sherpa-ing is what I do.  Always ask for help when you need it.

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